Deploying to gh pages with git subtree

So I just completed a todo app the other day using React. This was the second time I followed the course “Build Your First Production Quality React Application” on The first time I followed the course exactly, using create-react-app. However, I kept on encountering errors in the console. Probably some of them were due to errors on my part, but some definitely related to create-react-app. And the thing is, I wasn’t able to figure out what the issue was without running the eject command to see what was under the hood. [Read More]

Adding new content to your hugo website hosted on gh-pages

As some of you might already know, I just recently switched from WordPress to the Hugo static website generator. So I'm still fairly new to it. And some of you might already know what a stickler I am for good developer documentation. So what does being a Hugo newbie have anything to do with developer docs? Plenty! And here I will focus specifically on publishing new content to your Hugo website hosted on the Github gh-pages branch. [Read More]

How to completely remove cached IP addresses

Recently I decided to migrate this website from WordPress to Hugo and hosting it on Github gh-pages. Best decision I ever made. But I had quite a time with getting the site to display on my computer! At first I thought that no one else could see it and that it wasn't correctly pointing to Github's IP address(es). I checked to see whether or not that was the case with a service called whatsmydns. [Read More]

Elections 2016: Choice is Good

New poll shows @CarlyFiorina rising to second place, @ScottWalker earning less than 1% of the vote. @SundayFutures — Fox News (@FoxNews) September 20, 2015 I was very glad to hear that Hillary Clinton is no longer the only "choice" for a female presidential candidate. This morning I found out that Carly has increased in popularity in the polls by a significant percentage. According to the CNN poll this morning, she is right behind Donald Trump (24%) at 15%. [Read More]

Crazy Twitter news

It's been a while since I have written any commentary on anything. Most happenings have been so way out that I wasn't able to even talk about it. But yesterday morning when I landed on Twitter, there were a couple of things I just couldn't understand being big enough news to be published on Twitter. Carlos Danger is a having a bad morning. — Jim Roberts (@nycjim) September 19, 2015 Remember this pseudonym? [Read More]

A bit about Marissa Mayer: The New CEO of Yahoo

There has been much hullabaloo since Marissa Mayer resigned from her post at Google, Inc. to become CEO of Yahoo. Since then, I have seen men lambasting and speculating how she probably might fail, right out the gates.They don’t see how she could take a leading role like this. Like her male predecessor was just so hot, huh? There is a very well written piece written by Owen Thomas and published in today’s Business Insider, entitled “Here’s How Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg Congratulated Marissa Mayer”. [Read More]

A weird weird world

No doubt about it. We live in a crazy world. However, there still are great things about it that make it worth being a part of it all. Did you know that the portrait of a woman will be appearing soon on our lovely $10 bill? According to the New York Times, The note will continue to have some image, also to be determined, of the current $10 honoree, Alexander Hamilton, a founding father (there were, of course, no mothers) and Treasury secretary to President George Washington (he of the $1 bill). [Read More]

New Dropbox Web App features make creative workflows easier

New features to the Dropbox web app benefit creative professionals and their clients. They pertain to new and improved web preview experience for images. Working with design files in Dropbox is faster and easier than ever. The following changes will take place over the next few days when viewing images on A new advanced image viewer for web previews. Whenever you preview an image (such as . [Read More]

LadyJam Day 2 at Microsoft in NYC

courtesy © 2015 Catt Small, Co-Founder Code Welcome to the LetsBSocial Internet Radio Show, live from New York City, were we talk singles, tech, digital media, and how they relate to one another! Today we’ll be talking about day two of Code Liberation’s LadyJam that took place at the end of March at Microsoft Headquarters in New York City, in commemoration of Women’s History Month. Microsoft, a big supporter of women and diversity in tech, was one of the sponsors of the event. [Read More]

Trust the signs

Welcome to the LetsBSocial Internet Radio Show, live from New York City, where we talk tech, singles, digital media, and how they relate to one another! Today’s topic is “Trust the signs”. Question of the day: Are you giving your valuable time to the right career? #DisruptYou — Jay Samit (@jaysamit) April 1, 2015 Today I thought I would keep it short and sweet, and focus more on the spiritual aspect of achieving life goals. [Read More]