Why I'm Still Single (and not a Mom) contd

Welcome again to the LetsBSocial Internet Radio Show live from New York City, where we talk tech, singles, digital media, and how they relate to one another! A while back, September 3, 2014 to be exact, I wrote a piece called "Why I'm Still Single (and not a Mom)". I consider it an important post, and highly relevant to the focus of the LetsBSocial Singles Community. I haven't really talked much lately about what it feels to be single, especially what it feels to be a single woman with no kids. [Read More]

Do you have an invisible girlfriend or boyfriend?

The other day I came across an article on the Daily Beast by Tauriq Moosa entitled “For $25, you can have an invisible girlfriend”. Being that I’m always curious about the latest in crazy “relationship schemes”, I had to check it out. There was a time when people pretended they had partners when they didn't. One great example of that bygone era was the movie Picture Perfect (1997) with Jennifer Aniston. [Read More]

To marry or not to marry?

I have been meeting new people a lot lately. When I tell them about LetsBSocial, the first question they ask me is "Is it a dating site?" I answer "No!" The second question many ask is, "Is it about telling people to stay single and NOT get married?" I answer "Absolutely not!". LetsBSocial is about singles empowerment, but it's not about the replacement of marriage with singlehood. Every individual is unique, and that uniqueness is accompanied by individual lifestyle preferences. [Read More]

Into The Woods: the new social order

Last night I went to a preview of “Into The Woods” courtesy of WSJ+ Events. I’m very glad I went, because “Into The Woods” was a great depiction of “the new social order”. I’ll try not to spoil the surprise for you, but don’t let the name “Into The Woods” fool you. It fooled all of us in the audience! At least those of us that never saw the original Broadway musical or never read the book. [Read More]

Why I am Still Single [and not a Mom]

Life is a journey. Being an entrepreneur is a journey. Being single is a journey. Choosing not to bend to today's social pressures of becoming a single mom is a journey. So why am I still single and NOT a Mom? I wasn't always single. I was married for 12 years, and was with my ex for 16. I had a great life. I was one of the very few in my milieu who was married. [Read More]

The latest in Weinergate (and Spitzergate)

I was very surprised by the initial lack of public reaction from women to the revelations made about Weiner yesterday, and many men just chose to overlook it. For example, according to an article written by Will James for the Wall Street Journal entitled, "Weiner Supporters Torn on Newest Scandal", one 74 year-old man, who is a Weiner supporter, said, “This was a personal thing between him and his wife,” said Mr. [Read More]