Maria D. Campbell

Today we all live in worlds within worlds more than ever. Everything and everyone is interconnected and interdependent on one level, but completely separate on others. That’s why I created Inter-Global Media Network, Inc. We are all “INTER-GLOBAL”. Things are changing more rapidly than ever around us. Socially, technologically, and economically. So what are we all doing to remain relevant?

We evolve with the ever changing world.

About me? I am a native new yorker, photographer, videographer, blogger, former graphic designer/digital product photographer in the beauty industry, and for many years a fashion designer. I first started developing with Wordpress in 2007, and ended up choosing Front End Development because it permits me to find practical application to things I love.

My specialties include HTML5, CSS3, CSS Flexbox, JavaScript, React, CSS Modules, CSS in JS, ES6+, NPM, Nodejs, Sass, POSTCSS, Gulp, Webpack 2+, Static Website Generators, Liquid Syntax, Command Line, Markdown, Git, Github, Creative Suite, “candid camera”, Keynote, technical writing, and more.

To view my portfolio built with React, please visit my Developer Portfolio on Github.

My Github profile