It's been a while since I have written any commentary on anything. Most happenings have been so way out that I wasn't able to even talk about it. But yesterday morning when I landed on Twitter, there were a couple of things I just couldn't understand being big enough news to be published on Twitter.

Remember this pseudonym? It's unbelievable that there is anything more to talk about regarding Anthony Weiner. He's not worth discussing! I must admit though, his story is tragically comedic. Read my piece (or listen to my broadcast) about Weinergate (and Spitzergate) entitled "The latest in Weinergate (and Spitzergate)".

This one is a beaut. The refugees in Europe are facing a critical crisis, and this group of refugees took the time to pack up their selfie sticks! Nuts!

But not everything was so tragically trivial. There was a tweet about a piece in the New York Times on Clive Owen and his debut on Broadway in Harold Pinter's "Old Times" at The Roundabout Theatre in New York City. In it, was a quote from The New York Times interview with Owens that really resonated with me, and I whole-heartedly agree with:

There was also a great tweet from a Twitter account I follow with the name "Gentlemen Notes" and handle "@ClarkKent" which I thought precious and so true:

I don't normally like to follow fictional characters, but this twitter account is truly clever. I highly suggest checking it out.

Today, there was really nothing that leapt out at me, but yesterday Twitter was replete with goodies.