Creative Workflows with Dropbox

New features to the Dropbox web app benefit creative professionals and their clients. They pertain to new and improved web preview experience for images. Working with design files in Dropbox is faster and easier than ever.

The following changes will take place over the next few days when viewing images on

  1. A new advanced image viewer for web previews. Whenever you preview an image (such as .png, .jpeg, .bmp, or .psd) on the Dropbox website, clicking on the image brings up a new image toolbar. You can zoom in all the way and pan around in zoomed view.
  2. Better support for Photoshop (.psd), Illustrator (.ai), and scalable vector graphic (.svg) files. Previews for these file types will look sharper than ever, more accurate color matching, and higher quality resolutions. Dropbox now also supports web previews for artboards and pages within illustrator files. You can page through an entire file and zoom in on any page without downloading it.
  3. New support for PostScript (.eps) files. For the first time, you can preview Postscript images in your browser, instead of having to download the file to see it.

What does all this mean? You don’t need to have the right design software installed or download a file to see a high fidelity preview. You and your clients can see the image in its true resolution right in the browser. No more need to send compressed images or videos for that matter, via regular email. No need to worry whether your client or colleague has the same design software you do or any at all. Now you can send them a shared link of the Dropbox file, and the recipient will be able to see the full resolution image with just one click. They don’t have to have the right software installed, and they don’t even need to have a dropbox account!

I checked to see if the new Dropbox features had been released yet, but they have not. Will be checking in periodically over the next few days. Looking forward to these changes. Are you?

This post was originally published on the LetsBSocial Singles Community and Support Network Blog May 20, 2015 and subsequently broadcast live on the LetsbSocial Internet Radio Show on Broadcast available at the top of the page.

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