I was very surprised by the initial lack of public reaction from women to the revelations made about Weiner yesterday, and many men just chose to overlook it. For example,  according to an article written by Will James for the Wall Street Journal entitled, "Weiner Supporters Torn on Newest Scandal", one 74 year-old man, who is a Weiner supporter, said,

“This was a personal thing between him and his wife,” said Mr. Ramirez, a retired railroad worker. “It has nothing to do with me.” And he continued with, I think, as far as his political life, he did a good job, but his personal life is unfortunate,” Mr. Ramirez added. He said it’s the same with “so many other politicians, and they’re still in office.”

Naturally! But can you believe it? Some women aren't sure how they feel yet! In the same article by Will James, one woman, 57, and a teacher, said,

“I’m really reconsidering,” said the Brooklyn teacher. ”I may just go with (Council Speaker Christine) Quinn because, hearing this today, it does change my view. It changes my position, maybe. I’m not sure, it’s something I really have to think about.”

And other women just don't care. But what is there to think about? I mean really? On the other hand, why should I be surprised? We immediately forgave Clinton when he finally admitted to his sexual liaison with Monica Lewinsky. And he had denied it, previously! Of course we did. We were all doing so well under his administration. I have to say that I was among them. I think the difference, here, though, is that when Weiner had resigned from Congress in June 2011, he appeared remorseful. People were under the impression that his resignation meant that he was going to mend his ways. According to NY1 today,

"When he launched his campaign for mayor, he led voters to believe that his resignation marked the turning point in his behavior."

And then yesterday happened. More texts and photos came out regarding his sexting. It came out that he was sexting months after his resignation! The bomb was dropped yesterday, when the young 22 year old woman who had been the latest target of his sexting, revealed the communications they had maintained, to thedirty.com. According to her disclosure to theDirty, they had started communicating on July 12, 2012. Well after his resignation! Her parting words to theDirty were,

"And to be totally clear, I did not sleep with him or receive any funds from him. I’ve seen comments stating otherwise and they are all totally false. I think it’s important to reiterate the fact that all of this happened with him after his first scandal, so all of his campaign promises about being a changed man are absolute lies."

It's not about this poor girl. She, like so many others (take Monica, for example), would have been swept away by the notion of attracting the attention of a person in power. It's about Anthony and his total lack of self control and judgement. Obviously, he just can't help himself. This time, he immediately admitted his guilt. What else could he do? And his wife stood steadfastly by him. This was the first time she had ever appeared in public with him, which just shows how dire the situation has become for his campaign. Boy, did she pick a doozy of a husband. But then she wasn't the first intelligent woman to make a bad choice, and neither will she be the last. Some think that he's going to stay in the race. Many more are thinking he should pull out, just so he could save the little bit of face and moral character he MIGHT have left. But is that really possible? Others say he should have waited longer to re-enter politics, at which time, he should have gone for a lesser post. Did any of you read the article "How to Find Grace After Disgrace", about British secretary of state for war, John Profumo? It was one of the hugest scandals of the time in British politics. Profumo got involved with a 19 year-old, and the affair lasted several months. In the end, he got caught, and his immediate reaction was to lie emphatically, and deny the whole thing. However, his wife finally convinced him to "come clean", and he did. He appeared on the front page everywhere, and totally disgraced. His political career was over. Then he disappeared for three years. When he re-appeared, he claimed rehabilitation. He never re-entered politics. He believed in paying for his transgressions, and that what he had done, was terribly wrong. He ended up first working as a volunteer cleaning toilets at Toynbee Hall, a charity in the East End of London, and continued working there for the rest of his life. Working there helped restore his reputation. In fact, he restored it so well, that, in 1995, he was invited to Margaret Thatcher's 70th birthday. And it doesn't stop there. He was seated next to the queen. At this point, he was President of Toynbee. Weiner (and Spitzer), could learn a thing or two from him. But Weiner craves the spotlight. He can't imagine life without it. And in the world of today, there is no such thing as respect for others, self respect, humility, or a desire for redemption. Weiner's whole campaign is just such a major insult to American women everywhere, but especially the women of New York City. And all those men who continue to support him, writing off his behavior without a second thought. Which just goes to show how far women still have to go in our fight for equality and above all, respect!

As for Spitzer, well... at least he waited 5 years instead of two, to re-enter politics. And at least he did choose a lesser post. But still! Isn't there anyone better than him for Comptroller? Come on! This is New York, for Heaven's sake!  And to think that hedge fund trader Boykin Curry blasted an email to his Wall Street colleagues to support Spitzer in his campaign for Comptroller. According to the NY Post, his words were,

“Even the arrogance and bullying that some disliked in a Governor would serve us well in a Comptroller.”

Spitzer exhibits no shame by re-entering the political scene, and Curry exhibits none by exhibiting such blatant support for the candidate. What will tomorrow bring in the continuing saga of Weinergate and Spitzergate? I would love to know! [for sake of broadcast: We also have a text version of this broadcast, with all related links, on LetsBSocial.com, and a link to the text version on this episode's page on Spreaker.] Until next time then, ciao for now, and to all a good night!

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