There has been much hullabaloo since Marissa Mayer resigned from her post at Google, Inc. to become CEO of Yahoo. Since then, I have seen men lambasting and speculating how she probably might fail, right out the gates.They don’t see how she could take a leading role like this. Like her male predecessor was just so hot, huh? There is a very well written piece written by Owen Thomas and published in today’s Business Insider, entitled “Here’s How Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg Congratulated Marissa Mayer”.This is a very well written, objective piece by people who know the ins and outs of the tech world. Worth the read.

Yesterday, another piece was written by Alyson Shontell for Business Insider entitled The Impressive Career Of Yahoo’s New CEO, Marissa Mayer. Essentially, it went into detail about her life and career in technology. She was Google’s first female engineer. Big deal, I think! And she’s made the bucks that show her accomplishments and positive impact on the technology world. AND she’s only 37. AND she’s attractive. AND she’s married. AND she’s PREGNANT. Talking about disruptive! According to this article, in 1992, Lawrence Perlman, then CEO of IT services firm Ceridian, asked during a speech he gave, “A pregnant CEO? In whose lifetime?” NEVER say “never”. EVER, because you never know what lurks around the corner…

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