Sometimes I get a bit loud and perhaps a bit pushier than others. And sometimes I'm very quiet. There's a good reason for it. When you're a single woman and you want to be heard, sometimes you have to be "loud", otherwise no one will ever "hear" you! And sometimes you have to be aggressive, otherwise you won't get what you're after. But you also should know when it's time to retreat. We should choose our battles wisely. I learned the hard way, but that doesn't mean that you have to as well. Sometimes being so driven takes a toll on me, and I have to back off. It's a balancing act. How else can we replenish our energy and start all over again?

Being Loud

You try being the solo act everywhere you go, and to feel like you have to always be "on" so that other's won't think that you're "off". Just because you seem to be eternally single.

I say this now because there is so much written about how women should be soft and docile, and if they're not, they're considered to be real bitches. It's not a matter of bitchiness. It's a matter of how badly you want something. When a man goes after something aggressively, he's applauded for it. Today, gender roles are no longer clearly defined, and everyone has to earn their keep or they'll get lost in the cracks. The competition to get ahead is more severe than ever, so if you feel you have to be a bit loud to get the attention you need to get ahead, go for it! Just know when to back off. That's important too.

This post was originally published on the LetsBSocial Singles Community and Support Network Blog March 28, 2015 and subsequently broadcast live on the LetsbSocial Internet Radio Show on Broadcast available at the top of the page.