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Today’s topic is “Trust the signs”.

Today I thought I would keep it short and sweet, and focus more on the spiritual  aspect of achieving life goals. This was initially inspired by an update Jay Samit made on Linkedin. If you can't find this update's activity stream on Linkedin, check him out on Twitter. I first met and learned about Jay Samit at a WSJ Tech Cafe in 2013 in New York City. It took place on May 22, 2013, at Think Coffee, 73 8th Avenue in Manhattan. He was one of the panelists in the WSJ Startup of the Year Panel called "Entrepreneurs and Investors Tell All". To learn more about all the tech topics that were discussed on this day, [please visit the event's Eventbrite page that I have included in the text version of this broadcast. I will post it on this episode's page on Spreaker.] I have been following his pearls of wisdom on Twitter and Linkedin ever since. Jay is currently CEO of Seachange International [(NASDAQ: SEAC)],  a member of the board of directors of Equal Earth, and adjunct professor at USC Viterbi School of Engineering. He is

"An American digital media innovator, he has pioneered advancements in music and video distribution, social media, and ecommerce." - Wikipedia

But I digress. Yesterday he shared "Question of the day: Are you giving your valuable time to the right career? [#DisruptYou]" taken from his latest book entitled "Disrupt You!: Master Personal Transformation, Seize Opportunity, and Thrive in the Era of Endless Innovation". One person (Carlen Lea Lesser) asked,

"How does one know?"

Jay responded with “Is your career satisfying your goals for the one life you have?”. He’s right. That is the question to ask oneself. I asked myself that not too long ago, and came up with my answer fairly quickly. But then it had been brewing and developing for a long time. I just had to “follow the signs”.

My response to Jay’s question “Is your career satisfying your goals for the one life you have?” was “That is definitely the question that one has to ask oneself. I did that not too long ago, and by really doing some heavy reevaluating, came up with the solution. It is something I wanted to commit to for a long time, but 1. didn’t find the right opportunity; 2. didn’t know if I could, until I found out that I could if I committed to the right situation. I think I found the right starting point. I start Monday!” I pondered over the move for a long time, and reflected on what I had accomplished so far. I know now that it is the right decision. I’m not revealing anything at this time. It’s too early, but I will when the right moments present themselves. Stay tuned!

Then someone else (Paul Peixoto) said,

"I think as we wise up with age we learn what our true calling is. While students we tend to gravitate toward the new shiny thing and aim our careers at that. As we gain experience and, more importantly, knowledge of ourselves, we realize that there is more to life than the new shiny thing. Yearning for deeper meaning enters our awareness and we re-clarify values and goals. Eventually we get there. There’s no rush. You have a lifetime."

Brilliant, and so very true. I know I have experienced that more than once, and deeply. Paul definitely hit the nail on the head! My only caveat is: you never know what the length of that lifetime will be, and I think Jay alludes to that uncertainty in his second question "Is your career satisfying your goals for the one life you have?"

I have a couple of other brilliant books I have to wrap up, but Jay's book is a must on my list of books to read. Daily quotes have been great and worth following for the daily inspiration they have provided me to keep going, but nothing beats reading the book from "cover to cover". It is available digitally through the Amazon Kindle app, my preferred way of reading these days.

Sometimes you just have to trust the signs that signal your way. I'm not saying that all will be a bed of roses, but you'll know when you've made the right decision. And if you ever waver, which is only human, things will happen to confirm your choice. They probably won't be "big things", but "subtle, little ones", so pay close attention! I believe that nothing happens by accident. When you recognize the signs leading you down the "right" path, trust them. Remember that obstacles aren't meant to keep those that are relentlessly determined to reach their goals from reaching them. Obstacles are meant to weed out those who don't want them badly enough. You'll know which goals are the right ones when they enter your life, because they will feel right, you will fight your hardest, they will bring out the best in you, and they will bring about the changes in your life you have been seeking. Make your move and achieve them! Thanks for listening, and ciao for now!

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