Radium and Jest

I just completed a React image slider app using Jest for testing and Radium for React inline styles, and I thought I would share my experience so that others who may use the two tools together wouldn’t be surprised when certain things took place. As some of you may already know, there is a certain amount of configuration involved in making Radium work for you. First you have to install it. [Read More]

Jest, React and mocks

I use Facebook’s Jest to test my React applications. Yesterday, I ran a test to make sure that the changes I made to my Work component passed in my Portfolio React app. It did not! But as indicated in the iTerm2 console, it was not because of any errors in the Work component. It was because I am using a .pdf file in my About component, and Jest does not take kindly to it. [Read More]

I gave my first presentation tonight

React Workflows Without Create React App Tonight I gave my first tech presentation (ever), and it was about creating your own React workflow without using create-react-app. I was nervous at first, but then after a minute or two, I relaxed and rode with it. 17 minutes into it, I was signaled that I only had 5 minutes left, and I still had 11 minutes to go. I had timed it quite a few times, and brought it down to 28 minutes. [Read More]