A bit about Marissa Mayer: The New CEO of Yahoo

There has been much hullabaloo since Marissa Mayer resigned from her post at Google, Inc. to become CEO of Yahoo. Since then, I have seen men lambasting and speculating how she probably might fail, right out the gates.They don’t see how she could take a leading role like this. Like her male predecessor was just so hot, huh? There is a very well written piece written by Owen Thomas and published in today’s Business Insider, entitled “Here’s How Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg Congratulated Marissa Mayer”. [Read More]

LadyJam Day 2 at Microsoft in NYC

courtesy © 2015 Catt Small, Co-Founder Code Liberation.org Welcome to the LetsBSocial Internet Radio Show, live from New York City, were we talk singles, tech, digital media, and how they relate to one another! Today we’ll be talking about day two of Code Liberation’s LadyJam that took place at the end of March at Microsoft Headquarters in New York City, in commemoration of Women’s History Month. Microsoft, a big supporter of women and diversity in tech, was one of the sponsors of the event. [Read More]